Vision Engineering

Vision Engineering Ltd is a manufacturer of high-quality vision systems. They offer a wide range of products, including cameras and lenses, as well as software and subsystems for camera control. Their products are useful for various industries, from medical to industrial to aerospace.

Founded in 1958 by Rob Freeman, he saw the company as a means of continuing his interest in optics. Over the years, Vision developed a range of leading-edge stereo inspection and measurement equipment.

In 1994, Vision introduced its most notable product, the Mantis. It was the first stereo microscope without an eyepiece. In addition to its optical microscopy products, Vision Engineering also branched out into non-contact measurement systems. They want to build a reputation “for improving customer quality and efficiency through innovation, system quality and ergonomic design.”

Vision Engineering now employs more than 220 people worldwide. They take pride in supplying inspection and measurement products to the world’s most prestigious organizations.

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