Capital Equipment

Capital equipment is an investment in metrology that allows you to take measurements with greater accuracy and precision.

Capital equipment can measure weight, length, volume, or any other metric that you can think of. It is useful for industry-specific purposes like measuring parts for a car assembly line or measuring objects in everyday life.

There are three different types:

The first is a coordinate measuring machine (CMM), which uses lasers to measure 3D objects. This kind of machine inspects manufactured components by other machines or checks if they’re accurate enough for use in a new product.

The second type is a dimensional gauge, which measures 2D objects like flat metal sheets or rectangular bars. These types of gages are on assembly lines to check if parts meet standards before they’re installed in products.

The third type is a physical laboratory instrument like an optical comparator or microscope. These types of instruments inspect other types of capital equipment as well as non-capital instruments such as hand tools.

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