Microscope Accessories

A microscope is an essential tool for any quality control or metrology lab, but it’s not the only one. Microscope accessories are also important for ensuring your microscope functions at its best, and you get the most out of your investment.

Microscope accessories fall into three categories: illumination, visualization, and positioning. Illumination includes light sources like fiber optic illuminators and filters. These help you see in different settings by changing the color of light that enters your microscope.

Visualization refers to items like camera adapters and microscopes cameras that capture images and videos of your sample. Finally, positioning accessories, like mechanical stages, allow you to move around objects in small increments. That way, you can view them from multiple angles.

Each of these categories has its own unique purpose: illumination helps you get a better picture of what’s going on inside a sample. Visualization allows you to capture images for documentation purposes. And lastly, the positioning makes it possible for you to move samples around so they can be viewed from different angles or magnifications.

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