Stereo Microscopes

Stereo microscopes measure the dimensions of objects and features on the object’s surface. Their accuracy, portability, and ease of use make them valuable in metrology and quality control environments.

It uses two lenses to create a depth perception effect for the user. This allows them to see an object from multiple angles at once. Therefore, it determines the size or spacing between points on an object’s surface. The lenses allow for magnification ranging from 2x to 20x, depending on the type of microscope.

The purpose of using stereo microscopes is to measure dimensions more accurately than other types of measuring tools. Moreover, they provide a three-dimensional representation of an object’s features instead of two.

For quality control, stereo microscopes measure small objects, such as microchips, circuit boards, and computer hardware. They can also examine plant cells or other biological samples that would otherwise be too small to see with ordinary microscopes.

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