Toolmakers Microscope Accessories

Mitutoyo Toolmakers microscopes are well-known for their precise optical performance and high-quality construction. Several accessories are available to use with them. These Toolmakers microscope accessories can help you get the most out of your Mitutoyo Toolmakers microscope.

There are two types of Mitutoyo toolmakers microscopes accessories: those that help you focus and those that help you measure.

The first type of accessory is a focusing lens. This lens focuses on an area of interest without losing clarity or resolution. Place it on the objective lens or directly in front of it.

The second type of accessory is a measurement accessory, which helps you make measurements more accurately by reducing parallax error (the difference between what each eye sees). It does this by splitting an image into two images, which display side-by-side on your screen so that both eyes see an image simultaneously. This allows for more precise measurements than possible using only one eye’s perception alone.

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