Optical Comparators

Optical comparators are a metrology instrument that measures the height and width of objects. They measure small, flat surfaces or large, curved ones. The height and width measurements determine if an object is within tolerance. Additionally, they check for defects on an object.

They work by comparing two images from different angles. The image from one angle projects onto the measured object, while the second image projects onto a viewing screen. When both images overlap, they create a three-dimensional image that shows how the object looks from all sides. This allows for more accurate measurements than traditional measuring devices because it eliminates human error when determining measurements between two points on an object’s surface.

They’re in manufacturing environments to ensure that parts conform to specifications. They are especially useful for ensuring that manufactured components are to standard dimensions, which ensures their quality and performance.

Optical comparators have several benefits over other types of metrology instruments. They’re more portable than other types of measuring instruments. They can measure curved surfaces. And lastly, they require fewer adjustments than some other types of measuring equipment.

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