Digital Bore Gages

Digital bore gages are measuring devices used in machining and manufacturing. They measure the depth of a hole or groove in a piece of material, allowing for more accurate measurements than traditional tools.

Digital bore gages come in two main varieties. One is an electronic device that uses infrared light to measure the depth of holes and grooves. The other type uses a laser beam to do this same task. Both types use batteries to power their operation, though some models can also be operated with an electrical cord if you prefer that option.

Both types have pros and cons when using them in your manufacturing process. Electronic models tend to be faster than laser-based models because they don’t need time to warm up before they can start measuring. Although, they also tend to be more expensive and require more maintenance than lasers. Laser-based bore gages tend to be less expensive than their electronic counterparts. But they also require more maintenance because they use more fragile components which need regular cleaning and replacing over time.

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