Small Hole Gages

Small hole gages measure the diameter of a hole. They contain hardened steel and can measure holes from 0.125mm to 6.00mm.

They provide the most accurate measurement of a hole’s diameter, and they are portable, durable, and inexpensive. Their biggest advantage is that they can also fit into tight spaces where other bore gages cannot reach.

The pros of using small hole gages include the following:

-Accuracy: Smaller holes require greater precision, so they must be measured with a more accurate instrument than larger ones. The accuracy of a small hole bore gage is typically 0.01mm or less per millimeter of diameter. This helps ensure that your product will meet quality standards when it reaches customers’ hands.

-Portability: These gages can fit into tighter spaces than larger ones can reach—making them an ideal solution for measuring small parts on an assembly line with limited space.

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