Digital Caliper Gages

Digital caliper gages are a tool that measures objects’ diameter, thickness, and contour. Typically used in industrial settings, they measure parts like bolts and gears.

While digital calipers have been around for some time, these gages are new to the market. They combine the accuracy of a caliper with an automatic measurement function and multiple measuring modes. They are ideal for use in situations where precise measurements must be made on an object’s internal or external surfaces.

When should you use these instead of digital calipers? The answer is simple: when you need more precision than what a standard digital caliper can provide. Caliper gages can offer 1/100th millimeter resolution, while regular digital calipers offer only 1/10th millimeter resolution. This means that you can detect even small changes in measurement by using a digital gage over one that uses digital calipers.

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