Spring Calipers

Spring calipers measure the size of a spring. They have been around since the 17th century, and they are still in use today. They are easy to use and very affordable. This makes them perfect for hobbyists who want to take measurements at home or for professionals who need a quick way to measure small objects that don’t need professional equipment.

Made out of metal, spring calipers come with two ends; one has a circle shape, and the other has a rectangle shape. The circular end has two pins that stick out from it, allowing you to place them on each side of an object that needs measuring. Use the rectangular end as a guide when placing the circular end over your object to get an accurate reading.

This makes spring calipers ideal for measuring thin materials, as well as thick ones such as sheet metal or steel plates. Since they don’t have moving parts, they’re less likely to break down than digital calipers, which have electronic components inside them that can fail over time.

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