Height Gage Accessories

Height gage accessories are a great way to enhance your height gage and make it more functional, accurate, and reliable. These tools can measure the distance between two points or the distance from a point in space to a line or surface.

Height gages can do many different tasks, including checking the height of objects and verifying that they meet specific standards. They can measure the height of anything from tools to buildings.

Without height gage accessories, you may have difficulty achieving accurate measurements. The most common type of accessory is a measuring rod, which is a calibrated metal rod for precise measurement. Other types of height gage accessories include:

-Clamps: These clamps hold objects to measure them with a height gauge. They come in various shapes and sizes, depending on what you’re trying to measure and how much weight it needs to support it.

-Gauges: These small metal pieces allow you to mark measurements on the measuring rod—this way, you know where those measurements lie when you remove the rod from its clamping device.

-Pins: These can go into holes drilled into workpieces to keep them still while being measured.

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