DRO Retrofit Packages

DRO Retrofit packages are tools and accessories designed for Mitutoyo digital readouts. They measure things like hole diameters and hole depths, as well as other kinds of dimensions.

Mitutoyo DRO Retrofit packages come with accessories such as an adapter plate, allowing you to attach your Mitutoyo digital readout to the object you want to measure. The adapter plate has holes that match the size of the tool in use. When you put it on top of your object and then turn on your digital readout, it will tell you how deep each hole goes into your object.

The pros of using Mitutoyo DRO Retrofit packages include the following:

1) They’re easy to use. All you have to do is attach them to an object and turn on your digital readout.

2) They have three different adapters for measuring different things, including holes up to 20mm in diameter or depth.

3) Increased measurement accuracy and repeatability

4) Reduced setup time and labor costs (since the setup process is automated).

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