Linear Scale Counters

Linear scale counters are mechanical counters used to count the number of times a spring compresses or stretches. Most commonly, they measure linear displacement in metrology applications.

To use this counter, calibrate it by stretching or compressing its spring until it reaches its maximum length and/or width. This process ensures you get an accurate reading of how far it travels when fully extended. Then, when you want to use it, you pull on its handle and let go. This will cause the counter’s gears to move forward one “tick” on their dials. You can then readjust your device to return to its original position. Though, if you’re measuring force, for example, you’ll need to consider that the force exerted on the spring will change.

Linear counters have numerous applications. For example, manufacturers often use them to measure how much pressure their products exert on their springs as they bend them during use.

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