Mechanical Bench Micrometers

Machinists, engineers, and other professionals use mechanical bench micrometers to measure small parts. They’re helpful in quality control and the manufacturing process.

There are two main types of bench micrometers: analog and electronic. Analog bench micrometers use a screw mechanism to measure their subject, while electronic bench micrometers have a digital display. Both have pros and cons—analog is more affordable and requires less upkeep, but reading the measurement on some models can also be challenging. Electronic versions are sturdier and easier to read, but they often cost more than analog models and require regular calibration.

Some prefer mechanical bench micrometers over digital versions because they’re easier to read and understand. Whether you’re working with tiny or large objects, know that bench micrometers help you get accurate measurements when you need them most. They can also help you ensure that your products meet certain specifications so you can sell them or allow others to use them safely.

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