Micrometer Accessories

Order micrometer accessories today.

We have micrometer accessories to keep your instruments in tip-top shape. Micrometers are a crucial part of your toolkit, and they’re an investment. Over time, they can experience drops and excessive heat or cold. At Master Gage & Tool Co, we have rods, batteries, cords, anvils, standards, cases, and stands available for purchase. Use these products to extend the lifespan of your instruments.

Rods help hold the workpiece in place while you measure it with the micrometer. Batteries power the instrument so it can take accurate measurements. Cords allow you to connect your micrometer to a power source to get accurate readings without having to hand crank it every time you use it. Anvils are used for setting zero points on some types of micrometers, so you don’t have to reset them whenever you want to measure something new. Cases protect your instruments from damage during storage or transport.

Make sure you’re getting the most out of your tools by being sure they’re protected from wear and tear. Whether you’re replacing a broken rod or want to ensure that your instrument lasts as long as possible, we have what you need here. Get the right accessories for your micrometer today! Order online.

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