Dial Outside Micrometers

Dial outside micrometers are tools that measure an object’s outside diameter. The tool consists of an anvil, spindle, screw, and thimble. The anvil attaches to the spindle, which moves when the screw is turned. The thimble attaches to the end of the spindle. The dial is on top of the thimble and displays measurements in tenths and hundredths of millimeters.

You mostly find them in manufacturing to ensure that components meet certain specifications. They are also useful in other industries, such as aerospace manufacturing where components must meet exact standards in order for them to function properly at high temperatures or pressures.

Dial outside micrometers measure from zero to one-thousandth of a millimeter. They can also measure inside diameters if you use adapters that convert one type of measurement into another (for example, if you want to measure inside diameters in inches).

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