Mitutoyo 155-903 6-Piece Telescoping Gage Set, .313 – 6”


Mitutoyo 155-903 Telescoping Gage set contains 6 gages with measuring ranges from 0.313” – 6.” Made with hardened steel, use this set to measure the true size of holes, slots, and recesses up to 6.”

Product Description

The Mitutoyo 155-903 telescoping set allows for quick and accurate measurements of holes and openings. The spring-loaded plungers expand within the opening and lock into place using the knurled rotary.  Each plunger has hardened contacts ground to a radius for true fit and measurements. Use these telescoping gages alongside outside micrometers and calipers to measure holes and openings. 


  • Available in metric or inch sets and individually
  • Uniform contact pressure.
  • Satin chrome finish.
  • Sets supplied in fitted case.
  • Supplied in a fitted plastic pouch
  • Knurled finish provides secure handling and easy locking.
  • Rigid Handle with self-centering feature.
  • Made of hardened steel for longer tool accuracy and lifespan
  • Telescoping gages must be measured with a micrometer to get the final bore diameter.


Used to determine the true size of holes, slots, and recesses up to 6″.

The Mitutoyo 155-903 6-Piece Telescoping Gage Set has the following specifications:

  • Range: .313-6.00″
  • 6 Gage Set: .313-.500″, .500-.750″, .750-1.25″, 1.25-2.125″, 2.125-3.50″, 3.50-6.00″

Additional Information

Weight 0.8 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 1 in
Measuring Range

5/16 in – 6 in

Number of Pieces


Finish Coating

Satin Chrome Finish

Case Type

Fitted Pouch

Locking Style

Knurled Clamp

Gage Plunger Style

Double-Arm Plunger

Maximum Measurement (in)

6 in

Maximum Measurement Depth

6 in

Minimum Measurement (in)

0.313 in

Operation Type


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