Mark-10 15-1004 MESUR®gauge Software, Single License


MESUR®gauge (15-1004) expands the functionality of force and torque measuring instruments and test stands. Capture and display data in graphical format for load vs. time or load vs. travel vs. time.

Product Description

MESUR®gauge (15-1004) includes tools to analyze test results. Most notably, statistical calculations, quick data export to Microsoft Excel, customizable reports, and pass/fail indicators.

Customize, save, and recall test setups The user can program test start and stop conditions, including load, time, distance, and sample break. Additional features include a large display screen for real-time load and travel data and a utility to configure certain Mark-10 gauges from a PC.

Built-in simulated data generation allows MESUR®gauge (15-1004) to evaluate without an instrument.


  • Acquire continuous or single-point data from force and torque measuring instruments and test stands.
  • MESUR®gauge Plus starts and stops models ESM303, ESM303H, ESM750, ESM750S, ESM1500, and ESM1500S motorized test stands, coordinating motion control and data collection with just one click.
  • Real-time tabular and graphical data acquisition of load vs. time or load vs. travel vs. time.
  • Configurable start and stop test triggers (time, load, number of samples, or distance).
  • Statistical calculations of acquired data. Automatically recalculates for custom data ranges.
  • One-click export to Excel.
  • Customize test setups for future recall.
  • Customize reports and report templates.
  • Configure certain Mark-10 gauges and indicators through a simple interface.
  • View real-time data on a large simulated instrument display.


  1. Minimum required test stand controller firmware versions:
    ESM303 / ESM303H: Front: 2.02.04, Main: 2.02.04
    ESM1500 / ESM750: Front: 2.02.02, Main: 2.02.02
    Firmware versions are displayed at power-up.
    Get firmware updates at Mark-10’s factory at no charge.
    Contact Mark-10 for details.
  2. Various cables are available to connect Mark-10 gauges and test stands to a PC. Click here for more information.
    – Most gauges, indicators, testers, and test stands: up to 50 Hz
    – Gauge/test stand + Mitutoyo travel display: up to 2 Hz

About Mark-10

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