Techniquip Proline 80 XHDMI LED Ring Light


Introducing The ProLine 80 XHDMI, the latest generation of light sources from Techniquip. Designed with an inner and outer ring, each populated with 80 high quality LEDs. Have full control of your light source with a click of a button.

Product Description

The ProLine 80 XHDMI accommodates up to 80 mm microscope objective lenses. The integrated heat design permits higher outputs while maintaining a long LED life. Set at different angles, the outer and inner rings create uniform illumination for various working distances. Control each LED segment independently using Techniquip’s eight-segment controller.
The ProLine 80 XHDMI comes with a universal power source for worldwide operation. Made from aluminum alloy, it allows for optimal thermal management. Dual dimming controls provide maximum color stability at dimming levels. Designed, tested, and manufactured in the USA for the highest quality and performance at a reasonable cost


Techniquip Proline 80 Key Features:
  • 80 High Power Precision aligned LED’s
  • Dual Infinitely Dimmable 0-100% Inner & Outer ring Dim Independently
  • 8 Quadrant Segment Control
  • Shielded interconnect cable on ESD Version
  • 3 Point Soft Tip Mounting Screws for secure connection
  • 360° Shadow-Free illumination
  • Silent Vibration-Free Operation
  • 100% Machined Aluminum Ring
Color Temperature Spectrum Options:
  • Daylight White 5500°K
  • Cool White 4500°K
  • Warm White 3200°K
  • UV (375nm)
  • 1.02” (26mm) Height x 4.11” (105mm) o.d x 2.63″ (66mm) i.d
  • Standard model fits 1.25” – 2.6” (66 mm) lenses
  • Optional 82mm Version fits 80mm Large Research Grade Stereo Microscope Objectives
 Other Specifications:
  • Working Distance: Min 2.5″ (63mm) – Max 5.0″ (127mm) Ideal 3.5″ (88mm)
  • Proprietary metal finishing provides a superior ESD finish
  • Ringlight Includes Controller & Auto Voltage sensing power supply 100-240VAC 50/60Hz
  • Adaptable for Machine Vision applications
  • Optional ESD Safe machined aluminum alloy controller housing
  • Professional ESD tether grounding strap with coiled retractable cable included (10mm snap) on ESD Version
  • Custom Configurations available Such as UV, IR & Wide Angle Alignment
  • The Proline 80 is offered in 24 standard Configurations.

Additional Information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 1.02 × 4.11 × 2.63 in
Array Geometry


Number Of LEDs


Size Of Light Source (horizontal)

105 mm

Size Of Light Source (Vertical)

26 mm


— mW/cm^2


400 – 700 nm

Inside Diameter


Color Temperature

Daylight (5000-9000 CCT), Cool White (4000-4900 CCT), Warm White (2750-3400 CCT)

Intensity Control

8 Channel Segment Control and 2 dimmers.