Depth Gages

Depth gages measure the depth of holes, slots, and recesses in workpieces. They are most popular in industries like construction, manufacturing, and machining.

Depth gages can measure from 0-50mm (0-2 inches) and are available in many different types. The most common type is a spring-loaded pin that fits into a hole in the workpiece. The pin extends through the hole when pushed down by the operator. After it reaches its limit, it springs up against a stop on the underside of its housing. This tells you how deep your hole is, so you know how much material to remove from its top surface to complete your project.

The best applications for using depth gages are when you need to measure things like holes or slots in metal parts, too small to hold while being machined. This prevents damage from occurring during measurement due to excessive applied pressure during use by hand.

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