Hub Micrometers

Hub micrometers measure the inside diameter of holes and cylinders. They can also measure the depth and width of holes in several components, such as gears and brake drums. You can use them on hard metals, plastics, and even soft materials like rubber.

Hub micrometers are useful in manufacturing settings where precision is essential. They measure the size of holes in parts that need to fit together perfectly, like in car engines or watches. They use an internal spring-loaded measuring mechanism that expands when inserted into a hole. Used in conjunction with a dial indicator, they can read out measurements as precise as 0.0001 inches. When combined with a torque wrench or torque adapter, hub micrometers can measure torque and deflection on shafts or bearings as well.

Their measurements can help manufacturers increase the quality of their products and make them more durable and less likely to break down over time.

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