Surface Roughness Gages

Surface roughness gages measure surface roughness. Most use them to measure the roughness of any material and the coatings and finishes. These are one of the most cost-effective ways to measure surface roughness, especially if you need to take measurements at multiple points on an object.

Gages come in many different types, including profile gages and contact gages. Profile gages measure the profile of a part by measuring its height and width. Contact gages comprise a stylus on top of the measured material and a microscope that allows you to see what’s happening below it.

The pros of using these gages include the following:

* Cost-effective—they are relatively inexpensive compared to other methods for measuring roughness.

* Accurate—because it’s a non-contact method, there is no risk of damaging your sample by running something over it with a probe. This means you’ll get more accurate readings than another type of instrument.

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