Mahr 4191135 ERW Digital Inside Micrometer Range 125mm-150mm


Mahr 4191035 44 Erw Digital Inside Micrometer Range 125-150mm

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Product Description

Use the Mahr 4191135 digital micrometer for a variety of tasks. Measure the length, diameter, or thickness dimensions of objects easily.


– Threaded connection for changing the measuring head
– Self-centering measuring head consists of 3 laterally positioned anvils, each offset at intervals of 120°
– Anvils from 12 mm are carbide tipped
– From 12 mm, use the anvils to measure the bottom of a bore
– From 40 mm, all measuring heads are aluminum to reduce weight
– Basic Instrument consists of Basic Unit 44 EXg and Measuring Head 44 Ak



– 0 (setting the display to zero for Relative measurement) 
– ABS (switching between Relative and Absolute measurement)
– mm/inch
– PR (Reference setting)



For measuring: 
-through holes
-blind holes 
-centering shoulders


Mahr Digital Self-Centering Inside Micrometers:

4191120 Digital Self-Centering Inside Micrometer: 6-8mm (.25-.3125″)
4191121 Digital Self-Centering Inside Micrometer: 8-10mm (.3125-.4″)
4191125 Digital Self-Centering Inside Micrometer: 20-25mm (.775-1″)
4191127 Digital Self-Centering Inside Micrometer: 30-40mm (1.2-1.6″)
4191032 Digital Self-Centering Inside Micrometer: 70-85mm (2.75-3.35″)
4191035 Digital Self-Centering Inside Micrometer: 125-150mm (4.9-5.9″)
4191037 Digital Self-Centering Inside Micrometer: 175-200mm (6.9-7.9″)


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Additional Information

Weight 7 lbs

DIN 863-4

Measuring Range (mm)

125 – 150

Measuring Range (inch)

4.9 – 5.9"

Resolution (mm/ inch)

0.001 / .00005"

Error Limit µm

6 µm

Notes Error Limit

over the full length of the anvils

Battery Type

CR 2032 (3V Lithium)


b 27 mm, c 7 mm, d 132 mm

Data Interface

Digimatic, Opto RS-232C, USB

Energy Supply

Battery life approx. 2 years


basic units 44 EWg, measuring head 44 Ak, instruction manual, battery, case