Starrett 120AM-150 Stainless Steel Dial Caliper, 0-150mm Range

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The Starrett 120AM-150 dial caliper is one of the handiest measuring tools available, used by mechanics and toolmakers everywhere. It is direct reading, reliable and accurate.

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Product Description

The Starrett 120AM-150 White Face Dial Caliper has a 0 to 12-inch measuring range and a 0.02mm graduation. Lightweight and compact, this caliper makes it easy when working in tight spaces or on moving machinery. Its sturdy body, made from stainless steel, ensures its ability to withstand heavy use and abuse.

With the Starrett 120A-6 dial caliper, you can measure four ways (inside, outside, depth, and step). In addition, it comes in a wooden case for storage and protection against damage during transport.

Readability Features

  • Sharp, clear dial graduations of .001″ or 0.02mm – .100″ or
    2mm in one revolution
  • Sharp, black graduations on the satin finished bar, every .100″
    or 1mm
  • Choice of black, red, or white inch dials; millimeter dials are yellow

Ease of Handling Features

  • Knife-edge contacts for both inside and outside measurements
  • One-hand use with the thumb-operated, fine adjustment roll
  • Lock screw for dial bezel and for holding the sliding jaw in position
  • Detachable depth rod available for 12″ (300mm) model
  • Scribe parallel lines on a workpiece by setting the caliper
    jaw to the required dimensions
  • Lock the movable jaw with the lock screw and then use the front edge of the fixed jaw as the scribing surface

Accuracy and Long-Life Features

  • Long-wearing carbide faces on outside contacts on model
    120AX-6 and 120MX-150 only
  • Hardened stainless steel bar, measuring surfaces, rack, gears, and depth rod
  • Positive, split-gear anti-backlash control
  • Rack teeth point down to make it easy to shed foreign matter and
    thereby keeping the area clean


  • Manufacturing
  • Quality Control
  • Aerospace
  • Construction
  • Machine Shops
  • Industrial


  • Measure the thickness of sheet metal and drill holes
  • Measure holes in castings and forgings
  • Measure the diameter of shafts and tubes
  • Measure the size of round bars, rods, and tubes

About Starrett

The L.S. Starrett Company is a world leader in precision measuring tools and instruments. Since 1880, they have been an industry standard. Starrett’s high quality and durability have made the brand an industry standard for decades. They produce products for various industries, including aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, and commercial construction. Today, they’ve expanded into metalworking, making saw blade products for manufacturing operations worldwide.

Additional Information

Weight 0.65 lbs
Dimensions 9.6 × 3.3 × 1 in




Revolution Range




Construction Material

Stainless Steel

Dial Color


Inside Jaw Depth (in)


Inside Jaw Depth (mm)


Outside Jaw Depth (in)


Outside Jaw Depth (mm)


Operation Type



Plastic Case