The L.S. Starrett Company manufactures precision tools, instruments, and gages. They are the world’s largest producer of gages, with more than 40 million in use daily. Their products include precision measuring tools such as micrometers, calipers, and indicators; tooling for machine shops; and industrial machinery for manufacturing applications.

The company was founded in Athol, Massachusetts, in 1880 by Laroy Starrett on a principle he called “perfection.” He believed in never compromising quality when it came to manufacturing tools.

Today they have manufacturing facilities in 12 countries worldwide, including China and Brazil. In addition to their headquarters in Athol, Massachusetts, they also have offices in Germany and Japan.

The company aims to improve its customers’ productivity by developing innovative technology solutions. They do this by working closely with customers throughout all stages of product development so that they can create products that meet those needs exactly. From design through manufacturing and distribution all the way until recycling or disposal occurs at the end of its life cycle.

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