Starrett 124AZ Solid-Rod Inside Micrometer Set with Case, 2-8″ Range, .001″

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The Starrett 124AZ Solid-Rod Inside Micrometer Set is a part of the 124 series, the most popular inside micrometers. Their lightness, ease of use, and range make them a top choice for internal measurements.

Add 5-7 days for calibration

Product Description

The Starrett 124AZ Solid-Rod Inside Micrometer Set is a versatile set of micrometers used for measuring inside diameters of cylinders and rings, measuring parallel surfaces, etc.

Obtain your desired range by assembling the rods and spacing collars to the micrometer head. When assembling rods to the A and B heads, line up the reading line on the micrometer head with the marking on each rod (except for the 2-3″ and 50-75mm rods). Rod diameters are approximately 1/4″ (6mm) on the A and B sizes, and approximately 11/32″ (8.5mm) on the C size. Each rod has individual length adjustment for the anvil using special wrenches furnished.

The 124AZ set includes six measuring rods and one spacing collar in a padded case.

Features and Specifications

  • Measuring rods are solid and assembled on one side of the micrometer head
  • Insulated rods marked with length
  • Hardened and ground anvils on rods, adjustable for length.
  • Quick-reading figures – every thousandth numbered on inch reading tools
  • A convenient handle is available to provide reach for use in deep holes.
  • Handle screws into the micrometer head instead of the dummy screw, opposite a rod lock screw. The distance from the end of the handle to the center line is 6-1/4″ (158mm).


  • Manufacturing
  • Machining
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Construction
  • Inspection
  • Industrial
  • Shipbuilding


  • Measure the internal diameter of tubes, pipes, etc.
  • Measure the size of bearings, shafts, and other cylindrical objects
  • Check threaded holes for burrs or rough spots
  • Inspect tubes

About Starrett

The L.S. Starrett Company is a world leader in precision measuring tools and instruments. Since 1880, they have been an industry standard. Starrett’s high quality and durability have made the brand an industry standard for decades. They produce products for various industries, including aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, and commercial construction. Today, they’ve expanded into metalworking, making saw blade products for manufacturing operations worldwide.

Additional Information

Weight 1.2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 5.2 × 1.4 in




Movement of Screw


No of Measuring Rods


No of Micrometers


Operation Type


Rod Diameter


Thimble Type






Contact Point Material


Contact Point Shape


Lock Nut Type



(2) Adjusting Wrenches, (6) Measuring Rods, (1) Micrometer, (1) Spacing Collar

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