Hawkeye PFB3-NVK Pro Flexible Borescope Kit, 0.130” (3.3 mm)


Hawkeye PFB3-NVK Pro Flexible Borescope incorporates an 18,000 fiber, acid-leached imaging bundle, delivering excellent image resolution, sharpness, detail, and contrast.

Product Description

The Hawkeye PFB3-NVK Pro Flexible Borescope Kit offers a number of features that make it a top choice for professionals. It has 2-way articulation and high image quality, with 18,000 fibers in 3 diameters (.130″, .157″, .236″, 3.3 mm, 4.0 mm, 6.0 mm). Control the direction-of-view (DOV) of the tip over a 300° range (± 150°) using a thumb lever on the aluminum borescope body. The set includes a SuperNOVA™ LED Light and Mirror Tube, as well as a rugged carrying case.

The PFB3-NVK sets a new standard of excellence in quality at a reasonable price.


  • Directional control and lock: articulate the tip with the lever and lock it
  • Articulation lock
  • 18,000 fibers
  • 3 diameters (.130″, .157″, .236″, 3.3 mm, 4.0 mm, 6.0 mm)
  • 90° prism tips
  • 2-way articulation: remotely controlled

Borescope Kit Includes

  • Hawkeye® Pro Flexible Precision Borescope
  • Hawkeye® Pro Flexible 90° Mirror Tip (5.0 mm only)
  • Hawkeye® Mirror Tube
  • Hawkeye® SuperNOVA™ LED Light and Charger
  • Rugged Hawkeye® Carrying Case
  • Hawkeye® Cleaning Kit
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Batteries


  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Medical
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Electronics
  • Quality Control
  • Inspection


  • Inspect the internal components of a machine without having to dismantle it or remove any parts
  • Inspect the interiors of pipes and vessels
  • Inspect aircraft engines, power plant equipment, etc.
  • Evaluate welds on ships or other large structures
  • Ensure products meet specifications

About Hawkeye/ Gradient Lens Corporation

Hawkeye/Gradient Lens Corporation is a leading manufacturer of precision borescopes. They offer over 80 models of Hawkeye® Precision Borescopes, including rigid borescopes, fiberoptic scopes, and video borescopes. The company’s mission is to help its customers improve their product quality and safety through innovative technology. They proudly service the metal machining, casting, welding, aerospace, and hydraulics industries. Hawkeye takes pride in its manufacturing processes: all its products are manufactured in Rochester, NY, and Phelan, California.

Additional Information

Weight 6 lbs


45° FOV



Distal Focus

Fixed focus lens set.

Tube Diameter

3.3 mm

Watertight Insertion Tube

Up to 1 atm/1 bar (14.7psig); approx. 30ft water depth.

Working Length

850 mm

Insertion Tube Bend Radius



2 way, +/- 130 deg

Tube Construction

Stainless Steel mono coil inside watertight PVC, covered with tungsten braid.

Operating Temperature

0° to 170° F (-18° to 77° C)

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