Mahr 4102220 MarConnect i-Stick Wireless USB Receiver


The Mahr 4102220 MarConnect i-Stick Wireless USB Receiver is for gages that have MarConnect integrated wireless only. It is compatible with:

  • MarCal – Calipers  16EWRi, 30EWRi
  • Micromar – Micrometers  40EWRi, 40EWRi-L, 
  • MarCator – Indicators  1086Ri, 1086WRi, 1087Ri, 1087BRi
  • Millimess 2000 W(i), 2001 W(i)
  • Multimar 25 EWRi
  • Digimar 817 CLT

Download the free MarConnect software HERE

Product Description


Product Description

With the Mahr 4102220 MarConnect i-Stick Wireless USB Receiver, eliminate cables, batteries, and expensive interface boxes. The built-in ANT+ technology allows for secure and valid connections. Securely transfer data from a compatible device to a PC within seconds. 


4102220 Features

Value for  Money: With Integrated Wireless you can connect up to 8 measuring instruments per iStick receiver. Unlike conventional wireless solutions, the Integrated Wireless system comes fully integrated.  Connect up to 8 wireless devices or 32 wired devices using the MarConnect software.

Long Battery Life: The wireless interface makes measuring instruments energy efficient since there’s no need for additional batteries, unlike traditional wireless data transmission systems. 

Simple Data Transfer: With the 4102220 i-stick, you can easily transfer your measured values via Integrated Wireless to the PC. As with a data cable, the measuring values go straight into MS Excel© or any Windows application. 

Secure Data Transfer: Measuring instruments with Integrated Wireless display messages to confirm if the data transferred correctly and whether you are within receiving range of the iStick receiver, They allow for many tools connections to a single receiver securely.


4102220 Functions

  • USB wireless receiver for Mahr measuring instruments
  • 3 Channels
  • Connectable Devices with Integrated Wireless: 8 per i-Stick
  • Radio Frequency MHz: 2400
  • Wireless Range: Up to 19.6″/6m
  • Can transfer your measured values directly to your PC

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Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs
Number of channels


Frequency band

2400 MHz

Radio range

Up to 6 m

Number of connectable wireless receivers for i-Stick



a 126.3 mm, b 23 mm, c 13.5 mm

For measuring instrument

MarCal 16 EWRi / 18 EWRi / 30 EWRi
MarCator 1086 Ri / 1086 WRi / 1087 Ri / 1087 BRi
Micromar 40 EWRi / 40 EWRi-L
Millimess 2000 W(i), 2001 W(i)
Multimar 25 EWRi
Digimar 817 CLT

Data interface


System Requirements

IBM AT compatible PC , MS Excel from version 97 onwards , MS Windows 7 , USB-interface from version 1.1 , Up to 500 MB of available hard disk space

Compatible Software Package

Mahr MarCom Software


Marcom Standard 3.1 Software

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