Mark-10 M5-200 Series 5 Digital Force Gauge


Mark-10 built the M5-200 Series 5 Digital Force Gauge with labs and industrial environments in mind. Ideal for tension and compression force testing with a capacity of up to 200 lbF (1000N). It features an ergonomic design, a large LCD, and simple menu navigation for efficiency.

Product Description

Product Description

The M5-200 Series 5 Digital Force Gauge is designed for tension and compression force testing in numerous applications across virtually every industry, with capacities from 0.12 lb to 2,000 lbF (0.5 N to 10 kN). The gauges feature an industry-leading sampling rate of 7,000 Hz, producing accurate results even for quick-action tests. Accuracy is ±0.1% of full scale, and resolution is 1/5000. A large, backlit graphics LCD displays large, legible characters, while the simple menu navigation allows for quick access to the gauges’ many features and configurable parameters. Transfer data to a PC or other data collector via USB, RS-232, Mitutoyo (Digimatic), or analog outputs.

On-board data memory for up to 1,000 readings is included, as are statistical calculations and output to a PC. Integrated set points with indicators are ideal for pass-fail testing and for triggering external devices such as an alarm, relay, or test stand. The gauges are overload protected to 200% of capacity, and an analog load bar is shown on the display for a graphical representation of an applied force.

The M5-200 averaging mode addresses the need to record the average force over time, useful in applications such as peel testing, while the external trigger mode makes switch activation testing simple and accurate. An ergonomic, reversible aluminum design allows for hand-held use or test stand mounting for more sophisticated testing requirements.

Series 5 force gauges are directly compatible with Mark-10 test stands, grips, and software.

The gauges include MESUR® Lite data acquisition software. MESUR® Lite tabulates continuous or single-point data. One-click export to Excel allows for further data manipulation.


  • High-speed 7000 Hz sampling rate
  • USB, RS-232, Mitutoyo, and analog outputs
  • Large backlit graphic display
  • 1000-point data memory with statistics and outputs
  • Live load bar graph with set point markers
  • Programmable set points, with indicators and outputs
  • Peak readings and set points always displayed
  • Averaging mode – calculates average readings over time
  • External trigger mode – for switch contact testing or remotely stopping display update
  • Automatic data output via USB/RS-232
  • Five selectable units of measurement
  • Configurable audio alarms and key tones
  • Password protection, configurable for individual keys and calibration


  • Laboratory
  • Industrial
  • Tension and compression force testing 

About Mark-10

Mark-10 is a designer and manufacturer of force and torque measurement products. Since 1979, they strive to provide customers with the most accurate products in the market. Their products range from handheld instruments to high-end systems used in labs, production lines, and research facilities. They specialize in supplying high-quality solutions for various industries, including automotive and packaging.

3-Year Warranty on All Products

Mark-10 Corporation warrants that its goods are free from defects in workmanship and materials for three years from delivery. If any goods become defective, Mark-10 will replace, repair, or refund the purchased price. Any modification, abuse, exposure to a corrosive environment, or use other than intended will void this warranty.

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Additional Information

Weight 1.2 lbs
Dimensions 2.53 × 1.32 × 6.74 in

±0.1% of full scale

Sampling rate

7,000 Hz


AC or rechargeable battery. Multi-step low battery indicator is displayed, gauge shuts off automatically when power is too low.

Battery life

Backlight on: up to 7 hours of continuous use
Backlight off: up to 24 hours of continuous use

Measurement units

lbF, ozF, gF, kgF, N, kN, mN (depending on model)


USB / RS-232: Configurable up to 115,200 baud. Automatic output available up to 250 Hz. Includes Gauge Control Language 2 for full computer control.
Mitutoyo (Digimatic): Serial BCD suitable for all Mitutoyo SPC-compatible devices.
Analog: ±1 VDC, ±0.25% of full scale at capacity,
General purpose: Three open drain outputs, one input.
Set points: Three open drain lines

Capacity x Resolution

200 x 0.05 lbF
3200 x 1 ozF
100 x 0.02 kgF
1000 x 0.2 N
1 x 0.0002 kN

Safe Overload

200% of full scale (display shows "OVER" at 110% and above)

Load Cell Deflection

0.010 (0.25)

Configurable Settings

Digital filters, outputs, automatic output (via USB/RS-232), automatic shutoff, default settings, averaging mode, external trigger, passwords, key tones, audio alarms, backlight, calibration

Environmental Requirements

40 to 100°F (4 to 38°C), maximum 96% humidity, non-condensing


5⁄16-18M UNC